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RUN Treadmill Studio


A unique and premier fitness studio in the Santa Clarita Valley.

About Us

Why RUN?


RUN Treadmill Studio is a premier and original treadmill fitness studio located in the heart of Santa Clarita. Here at RUN, our motto is to RUN STRONG and that is just what we teach! Our heart pumping, fat incinerating interval classes are designed for and everyone. Whether you want to walk or an experienced athlete, our class is for you! How so you ask? Well, we are using the advanced technology of the Polar Heart Rate Monitor OH1 (optical heart rate sensor). These monitors track your caloric expenditure, help to ensure our clients are working in the right heart rate zone during our intervals. Oh and our treadmills? At RUN, we are running on the state-of-the-art WOODWAY 4Fronts. These treadmills are scientifically proven to be low impact on the joints and ligaments. A treadmill so comfortable, it’s almost luxurious! Still not sure? Come try us out for ONE WEEK FREE! We promise to deliver a workout like you’ve never experienced before. Don’t think we forgot about the workout jams, we’ve go that covered too. Come ready to sweat, feel the burn, and RUN!

Always Extra Time in One Day

 RUN is a 55 minute class in which clients can walk, jog or run at their own pace. Individuals will wear Polar Heart Rate monitors and be guided through an energetic interval workout that is focused on a specified heart rate zone! 

 Our OG RUN and RUN STRONG classes focus on interval training while monitoring your heart rate to ensure that the maximum effort is put in by the individual to achieve an optimal result. In addition, our strength training classes are designed to specifically target those muscle groups used in running to minimize injury and maximize the individual’s goals. Our clients do not have to run. In fact, the program engages walkers, joggers and runners alike. 

RUN's Objective and Health Benefits


Objective: RUN’s objective is simple: Create a community and culture of individuals who are looking to be healthier and begin or continue their fitness journey in a unique environment.

Health Benefits: Our state of the art low impact treadmills, Woodway 4Fronts, and unique interval training classes help eliminate many injuries that runners of all levels typically sustain while training. 

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RUN Treadmill Studio

23300 Cinema Dr Ste 104, Valencia, Ca. 91355

(661) 200-3222 or text (661) 210-7724


Classes are Monday to Saturday. We are closed on Sundays. Please check "Our Schedule" in the menu for a full list of classes.

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